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JKA/AF karateka win medals in Jackson

February 29, 2020 twelve JKA/AF competitors from Louisiana traveled to Mississippi to compete in the Jackson Seibukan Karate Tournament. In individual events, our group brought home 9 gold medals, 5 silver and 4 bronze. JKA/AF Team Kata placed first with Jion, and Men's Team Kumite placed second.


Jacob - 2nd kata, 3rd kumite Cathy - 1st kata, 1st senior kata, 1st senior kumite Miranda - 3rd kumite Samantha - 2nd kata, 1st kumite Kellan - 2nd kata, 2nd kumite James - 1st kata, 2nd kumite Sarah - 1st kata, 3rd kumite Jonathan - 3rd kumite Daryl - 1st kata Marcus - 1st kata, 1st kumite Men’s Team Kumite (Daryl, Brandin, Jonathan) - 2nd Team Kata (Cathy, Kellan, Abdullah) - 1st

Congratulations competitors for demonstrating strong technique and good spirit.

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